Wednesday, November 4, 2009

London Freeze

Hey Everybody,
London was calling this weekend, for another huge City Big Air competition, the London Freeze!
I wasn´t to motivated on the beginning cause i was sick for all last week, just lie in bed and not feeling good at all! Anyway friday morning at 2:30AM i took my 4Seasons Shuttle bus from Innsbruck to Munich Airport...luckily I was completly tired and sleept all the way through munich, got on my flight as fast as possible and continued sleeping....
After arriving in London i meet with my girlfriend Ninni at her cousins place Phil!
He gave us a nice little walk through London, plus a place to sleep on friday night! ; )
AND the best English breakfast i ever had in my live on the next morning! biiigggg thank you Phil for helping Ninni and me out, it was sooo nice at your place!

Saturday we moved to the riders Hotel, and after dropping our stuff at the Freeze we decided to go and check out London a bit more!

We decided to check out Madame Tussauds and it was way bigger and way better then we expected!
check out some pics:

and after we checked out London a bit more:

Sunday was competition day and see how the weather and the ramp looked like when we got there:

so the in run was gone due to an avalanche wich happened during the night and they had to fix the inrun with snowflex, due to the lack of time forced by the bad weather!

With a huge delay, forced by the bad weather in the morning, which changed suprisingly fast into almost bluebird in the afternoon, the comp started!
Woodsy was the first guy to check the speed, wich was quite sketchy cause the in run was made out of plastik half way through, which made it really hard to hit it switch and do turns as u can see on the pic above! Woddsy is the man for having the balls to hit it first! well done mate!!!!

Everybody had about 1h of practise to get used to it and after that the comp was starting!
Due to the lack of time everybody got 2runs each, best counts and 8people would advance to finals!
I think just about 4people out of 34 were hitting the kicker switch, and almost everybody else was busting forward dubs....
Finalists were:
Russ Henschaw, Bobby Brown, Elias Ambühl, Jacob Wester, Andreas Haetveit, Corey Vanular, Me and Bene Mayr!

Elias had a bit of bad luck and crashed ones on his dub10 and landed a bit sketchy on his dub 12 so he ended up in 8th place
I sticked to my sw dub cork 9, and to the sketchy switch riding on the in run, haha proud of myself I got that done on that snowflex stuff!
So I ended up in 7th place, wich I was really stoked about cause i just lied in bed all week and did not feel good at all!
Corey did the sickest nosebutter 9 tail, and big probs to him not following the dub cork mainstream nowadays, i really think i have to learn some of those, way sick!!!!!
Jacob did dub10 and one dub12 he fell on and Bene ate shit on his first dub 12 but came back strong and stomped his second dub 12 mute, finishing him in 4th position!
The Podium was Andreas with a sick dub cork 10 dub mute in 3rd and Bobby with a dub cork 10 overtweaked mute poke and a dub cork 12 dub mute letting him finish in 2nd place!
Russ did first place with a score of 99.......hahaha....almost perfect trick..whaaat...dub cork 12 dub mute with poke.....

and one more video Fabio Studer did film during Finals, plus the Rail jam on Saturday!
thx Fabio:

After that Ninni and me we went for a bit of partying and having a bit more time together before flying home on sunday morning!
London was great, even better then last year, really stoked about checking out the city a bit more this year, but we defnetly have to come back to do a 1 week London trip!
Super stoked about the comp and my result and now I´ll go to bed again to get healthy before the weekend is comin to give you folks some more nice skiing updates!
hope u liked that one!
cheers Roy

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