Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9 Knights day 1 & 2!

Hey Folks,
after arriving on sunday in beautiful italy, for the 2012 edition of the 9knights, we had our first 2days shredding the castle monday and yesterday!

The castle is huge and besides the big jump in the middle, the 2quaters and the 2hips there is several transfer possibilities and a couple of rail features!

Lolo checking in on one of the transfers possibilities: quarter to hip landing!
On Monday there was quite some headwind so it was really hard to find the right speed for the jump but everybody had fun shredding the quarters, rails and transfers.
myself on the down rail: sw 2 pretz 4
On tuesday the weather was really good, got a slight tail wind, blue bird and warm temperatures. Everybody started hitting the jump and all the features.
 Kai on a sw 5
Oystein doing a cork 7 blunt
Today we got a bad weather day, with quite some heavy snowfalls outside, but tmrw it is sopossed to be good again, keep fingers crossed ;)

Instead of skiing the big and legendary 9knights soccer tournament will go down this afternoon!
Its going to be a loooot of fun ;)

Cheers Roy

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