Monday, May 10, 2010

long time no post

Hey Folks,
due to different circumstance I have unfortunately not been able to blog in the last couple of weeks....lazy me ;)

The last month has been like that.
On the 11th april I went to Arosa to take part in the Chill and Destroy final.
After the weather cleared up we were able to have a proper final, with good conditions. Everybody was going big, boosting nice and tech tricks.  In the end it came down to Daniel Oberbichler, with a big and nice sw 10 nose, letting him finish in 3rd place. Yannick Lerjen who came in second with a nice sw 9 mute poke and me. I won the final with my sw dub 9 also known as OssiRolle and furthermore became the new German Slopestyle Champion and finishing in 2nd place of the CAD Tour ranking, with only one contest participation.
me mid cork 9 tail during the qualifications
Dani, Me and Yannick being stoked on our results.

also make sure to check out the final Video:

in case the HTML is not working check the link: CAD Final Video

After that I went to Hintertux to have some fun shredding days with my friends. The park is amazing and as soon as the weather will clear up in the next days I will be out there again having a blast shredding around.

The week after the Arosa, Nico Zacek surprisingly asked me if I want to come and take part in the 9Knights comp.
Of course I followed his invitation and I could not have been more happy.
The kicker was the best I have ever jumped, with loads of airtime and the steepest landing I have ever seen. Big up to Nico for making such a great Event and to Markus Eder who was straight killing that jump. We also got some amazing shoots for the new Aestivation movie, so make sure not to miss it. It is gonna be the best movie they have ever produced.

check out the action from the comp right here:

in case this Video will not work either, click on the direct link: 9 Knights Action Part

After that I went to Hintertux again, before the weather good bad for the last two weeks.
Make sure to check out the edit, Hannes, Brosei, Tom and I made.

in case this Video is not working again check the link: 1day Hintertux

Because there is always something to do even the weather is crap, I went skating again and already got some nice summer bruises and fun times again.
Just bought some new Razors G7´s on and love them.

me zerospin fastplant over the spine
me triple cork 180ing over the fun box in the Völs Skatepark

Big up to Flo Smith for getting the shot and for letting me use them.

Last but not least I would like to officially announce my new sponsor Dakine.
I am more then proud to work with such a great company. They are producing the best gloves and back- board bags out there. Expect big things to happen from the in the future and I am more then happy to be part of such a great company.
Thank you a lot.

Will go for a skate now and maybe go to Kaunertal tomorrow, hopefully the weather is on my side.
Have a good one and get ready for summer.
Cheers Roy

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