Monday, April 16, 2012

9Knights Final day!

Hey Folks,
soooo it´s been a crazy week, in Livigno at the 9Knights!

The comp day was really crazy, everybody was well tired from the last couple of days shredding and playing soccer. Even tho the weather was not perfect almost everybody was hitting the jump on saturday!
It was so much fun shredding with all my friends again and just having a really sick session!

Everybody had 6runs, 2best different tricks count!
Somehow I made it to finals which I was very happy with, even tho I´m not really considering myself a big air rider haha!

In the end it was Kai Mahler who won the whole comp, with a huge tweaked dub 10 mute and a dub 12 dub japan shifty!
In second place was Gus Kenworthy with a sick sw dub 10japan and a dub 14 blunt!
In 3rd it was Jonas Hunziker with a dub 10 and a dub 12, 4th Russ Hnshaw with a sw dub 10 safety and a dub 10japan!

I was really happy I landed my trick doing a sw dub9 and a forward bio 14blunt, which I have never done before!

check out the whole video of the comp right here:

In the evening the prize giving ceremony went down:
Tom Wallisch won the Rider of the week category, Laurent Favre the most stylish rider of the week, Gus Kenworthy the most impressive rail rider of the week and I won the MVP of the week, for slaying all week long and riding the most haha, what else can u do when u have such a sick set up to ride ;)
Me beeing stoked on MVP of the week
Louis Garnier won 2categories for the best action and most creative angle,props to him!
Left pic is me btw, soooo STOKED ;)

 all the Knights united
 me bio 14 blunt

 sw dub 9 
 cork 3 blunt
thx Jossi for the sick pic of my flat 5

for more infos just head over to the NinieKnights website!

So it actually is a shame the whole event is done already, but I´m so happy I made it this year!
I had such a great time skiing there, thx to everybody who voted for me and especially to Nico Zacek wo let me be part of such a sick event!!!!

I really hope I can come back next year, it´s been one of the sickest weeks of my whole life!!!!

Cheers Roy

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