Friday, January 8, 2010

Hesinki post #2

So u haven´t heard anything the last couple days, cause we were busy hitting urban, till late night.
Comin home 5am in the morning after a 10h session and walkin aroung in ski boots all day, so we were pretty happy so get some well deserved sleep.
Anyway check out the spots we have been too, some gnarly stuff and also some really epic sunset rail sessions!

Markus preparing the dfd rail with a nice little wallride at the end!
drive trough Helsinki...
good weather ; )

Helsinki center, got some of the nicest time laps ever at that place!
Max enjoying the minus 15 plus wind....hehe

sunset Rail session, right next to the ocean...

gettin some shooping done...
Helsinki harbor...

takin a ferry...

to an island, for skiing in Helsinki, no big deal

doin some rail and drops on the island before goin back to check another spot...

Jussi joined our crew!

good amount of skis, to build a nice urban gap!

so just 2more days, and we are comin back home so stay tuned for another update!
and more urban!
pce Roy

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