Monday, February 8, 2010

1st place Mayrhofen Freeski Open

Hey Folk´s,
it has been a great weekend.
I have been in Mayrhofen, which is kind of my home resort since I used to live there last season and having a lot of good memories and really good friends all around Zillertal. The Nordica Freeski Open took place in Mhf this past weekend and it was just great!
We had loads of fun shredding the perfect park on wednesday already, and on Saturday the Freeski open took place. Due to the snow conditions it was really hard to get speed, the weather was not good at all, it was super good for pow tho ; ), it was snowing really hard and nobody thought the slopestyle comp would even happen!
So big up to the one and only Martin Misof who made the event happen by side slipping the big line, test jumping etc.
Martin preparing the course and taking care of everything, big up Mr. Misof!

After I almost missed finals due to the difficult speed I stepped up my game and waxing skillz!

Jussi testing the speed in training before boosting some bad ass Rockados, letting him finish in 4th place.

Everybody in Finals was throwing down even the weather was far away from being amazing!
Mike Hauser nailed a big cork 10 rev tail at the bottom kicker putting him right behing Jussi in 5th place.
Mike getting the grab
Marco Möschl killed the course, with Patrick Hollaus steeze,

Christian Bieri ripping hard and pulling a big Kangaroo.

Markus Eder was boosting like there was no snow in between the jumps throwing sw left and right 7´s and even a nice and flawless rodeo 4 out of the canon box, well deserved 3rd place.

Andri was killing it hard after falling on his first run, stomping a super nice run with sw right 9 to cork 9 to sw 10 poke putting him in 2nd place!

Andri goin big on the bottom jump

Finalist´s enjoying the nice weather
After Andri stomped his run i knew I had to pull out something bigger then on my first run, so I went for almost the same run with a sw 9 mute to right cork 9 tail and changed my bottom jump from a sw 10 into a sw dub cork 10 followed by a 2 in 2 out on the wallride.
After I landed I was more then stoked, after having a lot of trouble with the speed in qualification´s the Finals went perfect for me.

mid sw 10 on my first run

I was soooo happy stomping every trick and more then satisfied with my skiing under those heavy conditions.
I ended up in first place, wich I was even more stoked on!
I had such a great time, every rider was super motivated and put down a great run, and we all just had so much fun skiing.

Price giving in Scotty´s

1st Roy Kittler
2nd Andri Ambühl
3rd Markus Eder
4th Jussi Mononen
5th Mike Hauser
7th Sebi Geiger
10th Marco Möschl

me, beeing more then stoked after a great day!

Big up to Nordica for putting up the Mhf Freeski Open in my favorite resort and for all the riders for having a great session!

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