Monday, February 15, 2010

1st place Sick Trick Tour FInal

What a beautifull weekend, after a stress full week including the Ispo, it was time to get back on snow!
After a 2h drive from Munich to Kitzbühel on saturday, the game was on for the Sick Trick Tour final!
The Kitzbühel park was looking great, blue bird it was and a lot of good friends and motivated riders were out there to shred the park!
In the end it was Torge Nagel taking the 3rd place with a nice and smoth run on the kickers as well a on the rail set up! Mike Hauser came out strong in 2nd place with a nice sw right 7 japan to sw left 9 to cork left 9 tail on the kickers and a sw lip on pretzel 2 out on the downrail to lip2in 2 out on the rainbow to sw 2 in pretzel2 out on the kinked box!
I ended up in first place after nailing a unnaty flat 5 critical to sw right 7 mute to sw left 9 on my first kicker run, and a nosebutter cork 9 tail to sw right 7 to sw left 10 on my second kicker run!

me on the kickers

And a sw 2 in to forward on the downrail to 2in pretzel 2 out on the rainbow to 2 in change up blind 4 out on the kinked box!
All in all it has been a great weekend, thx to the guys behind the Sick Trick Tour who organized a great Final, with good organisation and professional judges ( thx Erich and Flo)!

Final Results!

So as this post is not that informativ with Pics as I wish it wold have been,
I gonna post two more vids from the last 2 weeks right here:
make sure to check out this well edited Video from the Pfo, with a lot of great tricks!

and in case u have not seen it yet here is the Video from the Mayrhofen Freeskiing Open

have a good one and stay tuned for another MHF shredit with my new Go Pro Helmet cam!
and don´t forget to check out

cheers Roy

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