Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Time

Hey Folks,
it´s been a while since my last post, but I´ve been pretty busy doing all my exams for university which I was not able to do during winter season + all the ones from this summer semester as well!
Tomorrow and tuesday will be my last 2 exams for this summer semester, keep your fingers crossed so that I will pass them ;)

In other news I´ve gotten into Wakeboarding. Been to the cable at Aschheim close to munich, Inselsee Allgäu and most of the time to Kiefersfelden, the closest cable from Innsbruck!
It´s been soo much fun trying out a new sport, which I totally sucked in at the beginning. Very fun and challenging at the same time, but now I think I quite got some skills for the first 3weeks I´m doing this sport! Learned a bunch of rail tricks such as fs 9s over a box and also got myself into sliding the bigger obstacles such as a quite big a frame box and stuff, moreover I learned some nice kicker tricks, such as backflips and fs 5s and sw fs 5s!
So as you can see I´m having a great summer trying some new stuff and just having fun!

Kiefersfelden today

 me mid cab 5
 the obstacle set up
 summer set up
thx a lot to Manou my good buddy from france who gave me this awesome Semental surfboard as a gift, when I was in france a month ago! Now I´ve been shredding this little baby on the cable or at the Eisbach in Munich, to get myself prepared for Indonesia in 1week!

 I will go home for a couple of day´s on tuesday to hang out with my parents for a bit and I also hearded that my local skidome got a bunch of nice jibs, so I might head over there for a session before leaving to Indonesia to catch some waves!

I had a great time at the cable in Kiefersfelden, everybody has been super nice to me from day 1 on, and as far as I have felt there have never been a lot of people there so everybody who is around, or living close to Innsbruck or Munich area, should go there to check out this sick place and shred for a bit!

check out there website, such a cool place

So far I wish you guys a great summer I´ll try to make a little edit from the Skidome if it is worth it and try to keep you updated on my Indo trip!

Enjoy summer, and I can´t wait to get some snow again and shred in autumn!

cheers Roy

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