Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Time!

Hey Folks,
it´s been a while since the last post but about 3 weeks ago I left for a 2month vacation to Indonesia, one of my most favorite placs in the world.
The internet is lacking over here so it actually is quite hard to get a decent connection or even to get it at all.

Ivé been surfing for a bit now and moved from Bali to Lombok in order to relax about more and get away from the masses!

The weather and the food is nice as always and we are having a great time over here.

packing up our boards, before leaving to Indo
Padang Padang sunset
Tanjung Ann beach, close to Kuta, Lombok on the way to Gerupuk for Surfing
meet some cute local kids at the beach, who loved to play around with Ninni´s camera
Ninni found a cute little buddy
mandatory monkey picture on the way to Sengiggi
So after hanging out in Lombok for a week, we decided to go trekking on one of the biggest vulcanos Indonesia has to offer. It was a tough hike up to 3726m from sea level but totally worth it.
the Agung Rinjani with the lake
 wonderfull sunset in front of our tent, and Bali´s Gunung Agung  in the backround
resting up a bit after a long day of hinking
We hiked for 3 day´s straight, and also spend 2 nights on the vulcano in a tent. The last day was pretty intense cause you had to wake up at 3am in the night, hike for 3hours to be at the summit for sunrise, which was a tough hike from 2800m up to 3726m. After that you had to hike/climb down from the top to the bottom, which took about 9h of trekking. Crazy but totally worth it.
Ninni and me enjoying the sunset at the 2nd rimm
made it just in time for the sunrise, about 6am in the morning on the summit
 after some great days of hiking we had an awesome day at the waterfalls of Senaru
taking a cold natural shower
After the week of trekking we decided to see more of Lombok, grabed our Motorbike and drove around all northern Lombok, from Sengiggi, to Bayan, to Obel Obel, with awesome black beaches and no people at all, followed by Sambelia, Labuhan Lombok, Praya and then finally back to Kuta.

Today we had a good day surfing, the swell picked up and it´s quite huge out there.
See ya guys soon and I hope you are all enjoying summer as well.
Cheers Roy

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