Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer is coming to an end!

Hey Guys,
this year I probably had one of the best summers of my whole life so far.
I tried so many new sports, and had an awesome time surfing and discovering Indonesia.

I just wanted to share some nice memories from the past couple of months with all of u!


Medewi Temple sunset

one thing you need to do when coming to Indo: negotiating!
good food ;)
some crazy local bull race
they are pretty fast...
ur hungry?
still not hungry?
they make it hard for woman to visit their temples
 it´s beautiful tho...
there are huge rice fields in the mountains...
thats what can go wrong, if u just want to make money: Dream (Nightmare) land
loads of Asian tourist...
and no place to put all of their trash
playing Balangan dog family
getting ready to go surf
found some sweet little secret beaches without any tourists in Bali
Uluwatu surf
Rinjani crew

driving my scooter
more dogs

mandatory Bingin sunset pic
and fresh fish
yes, Ninni loves dog´s ;)
our home in Lombok

Mawi beach
somewhere behind Kuta Lombok
Selong Belanak
sunday morning market
Indo gas station
loads of coconut tree´s
on the way to north Lombok, with the Gili Islands in the backround
mountain sunset
our good friend Rob, who we did a lot of trips together with
coconut satay and perkedel yam yam

Desert Point barrel
Gerupuk surf
Ninni in the water
underneath some waves
small fishies
ready to take off
surfing Medewi

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Internet is back, so I´ll try to get some more updates going before winter will be in full force.
Can´t wait

Cheers Roy

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