Saturday, October 15, 2011

1st Place Kaunertal Opening!

Hey Folks,
just came back home from a sick day at the Kaunertal glacier.
Today they had the Pro contest running.
Everybody had 3runs one on the jump line and one on the rail line, 3rd one you could choose...
Everybody was skiing pretty well, for the beginning of the season and I´m very happy to ended up on top of the podium, after not skiing to much lately ;)

 2kickers and a cannon rail and straight box for the pro comp
 Kaunertal Testcenter
on the way back home
Sebi Geiger took 3rd place followed by Raphi Schweiger who came out in second and myself came in 1st place.
I think everybody had a great day, the weather was amazing and it was a very cool start of the season!

As soon as I get some action shoots I´ll get back to you guys.
Cheers Roy

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