Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JOB Shooting!

Hey Folks,
been quite busy the last 3weeks. We´ve been in Poland to start filming for our new video Project called JOB, also make sure to check out their Facebook page over here:

to get more infos, and certain updates on our shootings, its a really unique concept, and I think the movie will turn out just great. We really got some kick ass shoots during the last weeks, and u guys should make sure to check out the final video, it´s going to be INSANE!

 poland here we come

 a true polish beauty
 Markus Eder: SINGLE

 good some real professional equipment with us

 BUT some major technical problems with generators and the winch
I think we´ve seen the mechanic every single day we tried to use the winch, a real pain in the ass
but somehow we still managed to get shoots haha...

thx so Yarrek for some great pictures, good food and some awesome sessions, we will be back in Poland no doubt about that!
 After Poland we started working on our night shooting at Kaunertal, Arlberg and Obergurgl, it´s been great we got sick shoots even everybody was pretty tired, but luckily -6 is really warm concerning the fact that it´s never been warmer then -15in poland haha...
and we definitely found some snow at Arlberg haha!!!!

Tomorrow I´m off to Italy to get some shoots for the new Dakine outerwear, and then I´m trying to get back in the park, learn some new tricks and get the old ones back together.
Had 4 park days in total since ocotober so it´s going to be a real intressting Austrian Open for me ;)

check back

cheers Roy

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