Friday, April 13, 2012

9Knights day #3 & #4

Hello Everybody,
just had the 3rd and 4th day rappin up here at the 9Knights, had a weather day on wednesday and the big legendary soccer tournament taking place instead of skiing.
I think I haven´t played soccer in about 11years so it was about time to get some non existing skills out!

I was in team Old Men´s together with Schinka, Klaus Polzer, Alessandro Belluscio, Rafa Cusini, Franz Perini and Nico Zacek. Somehow we made it into finals where we had to go against the Schneestern crew. Unfortunately their keeper Sean the man Balmer was too good and there was no way in getting passed him! We were really happy taking 2nd place and everybody just had great time.
Yesterday we had a huge day! Woke up at 6am in the morning, taking the lift at 6:30am to be ready for a sunrise shoot. Quick breakfast at 9:30am, then the heli session went of. Afterwards we had lunch chilling for a bit before the sunset session started off, followed by a night session at an incredible good looking castle!
10pm in the night we finally got home and were ready for bed.....longest day skiing in my whole life I guess, but it was soooo worth it ;)

early bird
all the Knights
 sunset session, photo credit: Colby James West
hello castle
Thx a lot to Nico Zacek for having me here, this event has been so much fun all week long and I can´wait to finally see all the great pictures we got!

Last but not least here is the final edit from day 1 & 2, enjoy

cheers Roy

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