Sunday, October 14, 2012

1st place Kaunertal Opening 2012!

Hey guys,
yesterday the 27th edition of the Kaunertal Opening took place!
I drove there in the morning to meet up with Korbi from Line skis and to get some hot skiing laps under my belt, as well as taking part in the comp.
Unfortunately they did not have to much snow this year, but nether the less they build a pretty decent set up, including a medium sized kicker, a down and a down flat rail as well as a big tank!
The weather was sweet, and we got some nice quick laps in for the training session!
After that we got an 1,5h jam session where all the riders had to do 4 runs max but could also take some quick laps during the comp to make sure there tricks will work 100%!

I did a nosebutter 7 blunt on the jump into a 50/50 to shuffle 180 out on the tank for my kicker run. 450on the downrail into a sw 2 blind 4on the tank on my jib run. Landed everything so I was pretty happy. Everybody else was trowing down as well, Jakob Kratzer did some crazy misty 4´s out of the tank into a concrete ice landing, which was pretty insane, Flo Geyer landed some sweet 2 on 4out on the tank as well as some sw 2 variations on the down flat rail, Raphi Schweiger did a sick handplant 3 over the whole tank, Torge some sick sw lip tailpress combinations on the tank and everybody else was pretty much just having fun trowing tricks everywhere and just enjoying there first ski days of the season ;)

Fianl Results if I remember correctly would be:
6th Flo Geyer
5th Torge Nagel
4th Tobi Mangold
3rd Raphi Schweiger
2nd Jakob Kratzer
1st Roy Kittler

 Tobi and me celebrating ;)
 WMN MEN SKI SNB 1-3rd places
me sw 5 dub japan on the jump
me mid nosebutter 7

So all in all it has been a sweet 27th edition of the Kaunertal Opening, and I hope everybody had a bunch of fun there!

And not just to show u guys some pics and make read a boring text, here is also a short little parkflicks video for all of you, recaping the comp from yesterday! ENJOY

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