Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last day MHF!

Ss yesterday has been my last day for the season shredding at Mayrhofen.
The park has been super good this year and it´s been a blast shredding there with all my friends!

They removed the first jump and made the 2nd and 3rd jump ways bigger yesterday! So everybody who´s still got time, go there and shred, they´re open till the 14th of april! It´s well worth it!

I´m out to Arlberg tmrw for a week of shooting with the Headbuds crew, before going to flachau on the weekend and getting the last JOB shooting done, followed by the sickest event of the whole season the NINE KNIGHTS!!!!! Can´t wait for that!

In the mean time check out some shoots from MHF on thursday!
 sw cork 7 blunt
 sw 5 screamin seamen
 sw cork 10 blunt
cork 9 tweak safety
and as u can see the 9 Knights set up is getting together nicely! Can´t wait for it to go down ;)

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