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At the beginning of this winter the usual fim projects I worked with over the last couple of years all somehow did not continue anymore. Still I wanted to show the world what skiing really means to me and also they way I see skiing.
At Ispo I had a couple of meetings with my sponsors about possible film projects during the winter.

After a lot of those famous Ispo meetings and phone calls we finally found a crew we where happy with and also got the support of our sponsors. I did some calls with Jonas Hunziker, who unfortunately got not nominated for the swiss olympic team even tho he fullfilled all the needed qualification criterias and so missed his chance to go to sochi. I talked to him a while ago about a similiar project and finally it was time for the both of us to join forces and start something new.

In a time where a lot of film crews out there spent big budgets on film trips in japan, canada or AK we thought there has to be more to skiing then just traveling to distant places which no normal skiing guy can relate too. Even tho the winter in the northern alps in europe sucked big time this year, there where places in the alps which where drowning in snow. The idea behind this project really is to show people the endless potential we have for skiing in europe. Just open your door or take your car and drive 2h and you will find some fresh snow for sure. We want to show people that you do not need a huge budget to produce some high quality skiing. We are just a group of friends putting our hearts and souls into this project to show YOU guys what really is possible in europe.

With Sebi Schwertl we have one of the hottest upcoming filmers on board and we are stoked that he will put all his efforts into producing some high qualtiy ski webisodes for ur entertainment.

WinterTra$h was born

Finally we started our first trip of filming in february. We got the whole crew together put all our equipment in our cars and just set off to a month long road trip to find snow.

The first 2 weeks we spent in Engadin, Switzerland, at the house of Ruedi Fluecks sister, a place which I have come to, many times before but never seen so much snow there as we had this year.
We got Dave Ortlieb and Sami Ortlieb to join us for the trip. Moreover Ruedi Flück our photographer of choice was with us for the full 2 weeks to get busy. We found some sick tree runs, cliffs, lines and build some jumps. Hiking and skiining every day till the sun went down. After 2 weeks we could call it quits and the final result and also the first ever webisode of our project WinterTra$h will be released  the 28th of february....

Here are some small shoots we took during the making of our first webisode ;)
 Jonas getting at it shot by

 how much snow can u have?!
 earn ur turns

more jumps
 daily wake up view

 tree runs anybody...

every day we had to dig out our cars haha...

I hope you guys will enjoy the first webisode dropping 28th of february....

right now we are in Livigno and started filming for our sencond webisode ;)

Powder to the People


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