Saturday, January 9, 2010

Helsinki blog#3

Hey Folks,
today was the last action shoting day!
It has been a great week a lot of diffrent urban things, so here are the shots of the palces we have been to the last couple of days!
The island we have been on for shooting...
Helsinki center from the ferry.

The urban gap we did, about 10m u had to jump over, really scary in the beginning, if you would not have made it u would have fallen down about 5to6m good, luckily we are all ok haha good night!
Markus also did a drop from a bridge...really scary haha!

The curved down flat down we did on our 5th day in Helsinki!

Super long down rail ( about 21m prolly).

The crew gettin tha shot!

Tmrw is just gonna be lifestlye shoting day and we´ll fly back home!
Hope we gonna make it, cause there are some snow storms promised to happen on sunday in germany!
I really hope we are makin it at time, can´t wait to see my girlfriend again, stoked ;)

Gonna go get some new skis monday, haha urban is not that healthy for the bases of ur skis I´d say hahah!
Wednesday we gonna go to Salzburg ride some pow pow, already got a fotographer and a filmer, gonna keep u updated on thet for sure!
let´s see what´s haninin tmrw!
now it is spare rips time!

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