Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mayhrhofen Shredit!

Hey Folks,

it´s been to loooong, last week my computer just broke, the motherboard yeah haven´t been online that much since then, feels wierd without internet hahaha.....

Anyway today I got myself a new MacBook, and since then I´m transferring all my Documents from my old hardrive to my new one, as well as putting all the old programms back on and getting eveything dialed, which unfortunately takes a loooong time..määääh!

BUT I don´t want to bother u with all that boring computer news!

Even my laptop broke Hias Leitner, Denis, and me made it to Mayrhofen to get some shooting done!

Haven´t been to motivated to film cause the Jumps are SOOOOOO nice!

but here is a little edit we made, teamed up with Felix and Tuna, and Mike for some shredding!

Mayrhofen Shredit

Hope to film a bit more, ceck the edit!

pce Roy

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