Monday, January 4, 2010

Helsinki we´re there!
First day with shredding today, after a delayed flight, almost lost luggage, no available cap´s and finding out that we are staying in a military,like hostel, haha!
Hannes, Sebi, Mo, Max and me made the trip to Helsinki, to shot rails in finnlands largest city!
We arrived at 1am night time in the hostel, hahah 10euros per day for a place wich prolly did not get any restauration things going on since 2nd world war hahah!
Luckily u have wireless all over Finnland, so even there is not much goin on in the hostel, we can kill some time in between the session by nerding on the internet ; )
waiting for the plane...

military house unchanged since 1952 ; )

snowy arrival...

some luggage...after waitin at least 1h for it!

good mornin...perfect blue bird day
the place to be...
tired...nice smile Markus!

Today we rented two cars and got our drop in ramp, so we were ready for the first spot!Had a nice little session goin on and we were able to put down some smooth tricks, while Makrus Eder, who just arrived joined our crew!
Unfortunately Hannes hurt his self pretty bad by falling on his head, hope he´s gonna be ok in about 2days again and be able to shred with us!
Now we are home in our nice little military house, waiting for Mo and Lasse to come back with the generator and the lights, to get another session started tonight!
Stay tuned
pce Roy

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