Friday, January 1, 2010

Long time no Post

Hey Folks,
haven´t been blogging to much the last weeks, so here we go again, new year, new blog´s!

First I want to wish all of you a great 2010, epic Pow and no inujuries and loads of fun on the hill!
First we went to Fabolus Ruka, Finnland!
Was cold but really x-mas like, frozen trees, night skiing all the time and a nice park and fun people! I really enjoyed beiing up there, even our plane got stuck in Helsinki airport for 3h on the flight back home cause of to cold temperatures (-20°C ) and to much snow....the comp was mad fun I won the qualification with a left sw dub 9 to right cork 9 tail to sw right 7 japan, unfortunately the finals did not go as good as the quali and I could not hold it together ending up in 9th place!
Anyway we had loads of fun and I will be back there Sunnday....
X-mas I spend back home had some nice privat indoor skate session with my old skate homies from Dresden and seeing my parents again and having the best meal of the year!
Afterwards I went to Felhorn Park and to Mayrhofen, wich was super nice and they both have a awesome park already, even the weather is not winter like yet...
Just booked my flights to Helsinki, gonna go Film Streetrail there for a week from Sunday on with Aestivation crew, really stoked on filming and working with them again!
Can´t wait to hit some metal beofre going back home to IBK and shredding some pow pow...(hopefully)
So for all those who made it down hear reading I gonna make this post a little more interesting by posting all the coverage i gained so far this season, hope u enjoy it!
shredding the Mayrhofen Kickers with a 3nose.

Refresh Review for Skiing mag, yeah I can writte articels as well, not just ski ; )

Skiing mag, shoots from Ambühl invitational 2009 (sunrise kicker)

Urban 3nosepress wallride at Ambühl Invitational 2009

new Downdays Journal, stoked to get one of the first gallery shots in there ( handplant 180)

Downdays Digimag, Intro shot ( Urban wallride at Ambühl invitational)

stay tuned.
more updates are coming next week from Finnland
enjoy 2010

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  1. coole pics alter!
    wo treibst dich so rum?
    happy new year noch btw!