Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Urban Trip#2 Praha

Hey Folks,
last week I got a call from Nico, to join the Aestivation Crew on their Urban Trip in Prag!
I have never ever been to Prag, even I´m used to live 1,5h drive from there...haha...
I knew the city was quite well know for skating so I thought it could be a cool trip skiing whise too!
We hit this yellow rail,
and this little curved dub kinked, with a nice exit straight on some tram tracks...

which prolly was the reason the police came a bit later and busted us for doing the rail....at least they tried, Nico broke the ice using his czech name, ZACEK....the police man were super friendly after that, but we needed to pay 25bugs for parking in a historic park....
So unfortunately we had to leave due to our parking skillz. Dinner time was next, and we had to discuss what we wanted to do next...
Found a good solution, without even doing a rail, wich Nico and me were stoked about!
Got the illest wallride shots on that new underground station!
Thx to the Red Bull windge we had more then enough speed and went biiiiiggggg!!!!!
Czech people were super friendly, and Prag is a beatiful city with huge buildings and massive tv screens on each road and american sized stores...
On our last day we just did one more downrail, were we got one super nice shot before I kind of destroyed myself by falling straight with my kneecap on the rail while sliding it and my binding popped off while doing the change up....now we are back home, getting ready for the next trip to poland, leaving on thursday to the Polish Freeski Open...never been there before, so let´s see how it is going....
For all of you who are missing some jumps and real snow here are some pics from our Mayrhofen shredding days last week!

unnatty flat 5 japan, HD Photography, thx to Domi Haas!

sw cork 5 japanmute

cork 5 tail

hope u enjoyed!
cheers roy

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  1. Sick alter!
    Gratulier dir noch zur Übernahme der polnischen Regierung!!
    See ya boy!