Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Polish Freeski Open

Hey Folks,
last weekend the PFO were on!
Thursday morning our crew left from Innsbruck to Zakopane to enjoy a wonderfull weekend in poland! Snow was falling and our drive finally ended safely in Zakopane after 14,5h....no good ; (
tired Jussi...
a road through a little slovakian town, almost in Zakopane

Anyway friday was qualification, the jump looked huge and super scary with a nice super hard and icy landing!
the super popy jump!

Qualification´s went pretty good, Jussi and me were taking it easy, cause it was quite hard to get used to the jump, speed was changing all the time and the landing was hard as a rock!
speed check ;)
Jussi and me made it trough to semi finals, after boosting a 5 nose

and a cork 9 tail
Jussi did a smooth 3 japan and a cork 9 rev tail

Zakopane City
In the evening the night session went down!
Everybody was destroying the super sweet rail set up during the 1h jam session!
nose butter 2 pretzel 2, lip 2 pretzel 2, 4in desaster and sw 2 in pretzel 2 out were just some of the tricks people were throwing!
warming up!
the crew chilling after the night session!

Jussi and me posing!
getting the skis done!

After a pretty hard day and still feeling the long drive we had a day ago, Jussi and me went home chilling while the other guys went to party!
Saturday was the main day, with rail and big air finals!
unfortunately the weather wasn´t as good as on friday, due to snowfall and wind!
Anyway PC Fosse, Jussi Mononen, Jonas Hunziker (get well soon Cyrill), Szczepan the flying polish Kebab, Andy the piggy Princess and his brother Jamie comin all the way from Scotland had a super sweet session, just riding all together and jumping and doing different stuff!
Andy with the piggy steeze!
the flying Kebab!

Pc with some crazy norwegian grab!me mid sw cork 5 lolo grab!
All of us made it to finals, stepping up the game!
After the weather got even worse the Judges made a decision to just do 2jumps, best one counts cause the speed really was hard to judge due to the snow!
Everybody throw down, Pc did a sick Kangaroo 9 japan, Jonas a nice sw 10 mute, Andy and Jamie both did sick forward 9´s and Jussi a dope as cork 9 rev tail. Szczepan was steeping it up with a solid sw 9 japan and a massive sw cork 10 japan wich he unfortunately was not able to land!
I ended up in first place by throwing the best sw dub cork 9 I ever did and a sw cork 7 dub tail!

Results Big Air:


1 Roy Kittler Germany
2 Jonas Hunziker Switzerland
3 Per Christian Fosse Norway
4 Szczepan Karpiel Poland
5 Joseph Tomlinson England
6 Andrew Matthew Scotland
7 Jasiek Krzysztof Poland
8 Jussi Monnonen Finnland
9 Jamie Matthew Scotland
10 Piotr Wojarski PolandPodium:
10min later the rail session started and everybody got another 2runs, best one counts.
I took it easy and did a sw 2 pretzel 2 out on the street down rail to sw 2 gap blind 2 out in the kinked rail!
In the end I won the rail comp as well, which I was super stoked about as well as I did win the night session from friday!
I was more then stoked about the weekend, I had a super good time riding with friends, no pressure and just enjoy skiing!
Thx for the great weekend and I hope to come back next year, with hopefully less then 14h of driving!
pce Roy

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